Mar 4

Report on Showcase at The Friends’ Meeting House 7-9pm 8.10.15

There were 55 people present for this show, including 19 participants, 4 hired performers and 6 BIWP staff. As a change for this report, here are some comments from the feedback forms we use at every show.

‘More of the same please.’

‘Excellent work.’

‘It’s wonderful.’

‘I liked seeing both children and adults from different ethnic groups with moving stories.’

‘I liked the book launch.’

‘I liked everything, specially people’s enthusiasm.’

‘I liked all of it.’

‘I liked the dancing and the bravery for the readers.’

‘Love the diversity = opening my eyes to Bolton.’

‘Should be longer and more often.’

‘I liked the enthusiasm and energy of the participants and the organisation.

Mar 3

Report on Showcase with ACIS at Halliwell UCAN 9.30 - 1200 9.7.15

A total of 51 people were present for this show, including 27 adults and 24 children with a female majority and ages ranging from 4 - 60. Participants were from nine different countries.

Entertainment was provided by the Bollywood Divas with a mix of traditional and contemporary dances where many of the participants joined in.

Ten BIWP staff and three ACIS staff were present.

Our evaluator felt that the venue, organisation and guests' reactions were all very good but commented 'There could have perhaps been more of an interactive element to the event, perhaps a colouring station or a wish tree. ' We will make this happen in future.

Jul 6

Report on the second Workshop and Showcase, Bolton Community College, 6th July 2015.

A similar programme of events was followed for this second event at the College, involving six languages and twenty-one people. The dancing this time was different with the Bollywood Divas performing their Indian routines but also getting the audience involved in two stick dances which were well received. Evaluations were very positive. Comments included:

‘What I underestimated about this project was its ability to let you hear the music of the language.’

‘A truly unique event. One piece of writing almost made me cry.’

What a lovely event! Such a wonderful and clever idea: the sharing of language should be encouraged more.’

For photos and video see those pages on this website.

Jul 4

Report on the first workshop and showcase at Bolton Community College Saturday 4th July 2015

Both this and the second workshop and showcase on 6th July were not as well supported as our other events in terms of participant writers, audience and college staff, primarily because the dates afforded to us were outside term time and during Ramadan, something we will need to bear in mind for future events

A total of fifty people were involved in this workshop and show with seven writers in five different languages. The first forty-five minutes was spent on practice and then we moved to the readings. After these, which in some casses were much longer pieces than we normally hear, Certificates of Recognition were presented and then the Smile of Hope African Dance Troupe performed to African music, ending up with a dance where the audience joined in.

Evaluations were very positive though it was felt that some of the readings were a bit too long. To pick one comment:

‘I have heard for the first time in my life some languages like Arabic. It was exciting.’

May 28

Report on the first Showcase at the Friends Meeting House, Thursday 28th May 2015

This event turned out to be one of the our very best evenings with that inexplicable magic that sometimes happens when things far exceed expectations. A total of sixty-two people attended this showcase.

Some twenty writers read their work in fifteen languages, with English supplied by coordinators or in some cases by the writers themselves. Eight children were awarded prizes for their artwork in the competition. In the break we all enjoyed a superb buffet of international food brought by the participants, ranging from a Russian chocolate cake, to Chinese rice dishes, Nepali sweets and delicacies from India.

The writing covered a wide range of topics from very moving personal stories to well-crafted poetry. In the second half, after more readings, entertainment included two songs by Dan Lever, one of which was based on a poem called Un Instante by a previous BIWP Spanish writer Bellen

Laserna, and the Bollywood Divas enthralled us with their wonderful dancing.

Evaluations were extremely favourable and included this comment:

‘This is my best day in the UK. Thank you everyone.’ - from an Albanian writer.