May 27

Report on the first Friends Meeting House Workshop, Wednesday 27th May 2015

The next two main events in the BIWP calendar were a Workshop and Showcase at the Friends Meeting House under the aegis of the Live from Yorktown Poetry Festival. A completely different group of participants was involved, coming this time from Katy Kellett’s classes which are held at the Willows Centre in Deane and at Bolton Parish Primary School.

At the Workshop there were twenty-two participants and ten BIWP coordinators helping with translations and reading practice. The fifteen languages concerned were Urdu, Albanian, Nepali, Czech, Romanian, Russian, Tigrinya, Amharic, Farsi, Hungarian, Portuguese, Arabic, Greek, French and Spanish.

After working on the English, with choices offered to the writers for translations, we moved to the bigger room to practice speaking in public and using a microphone. Dave Morgan and Paul Blackburn gave advice on public speaking and on relaxing before speaking. While this was going on, Katy Kellett engaged the children of participants in a drawing competition.

Mar 26

Report on the first UCAN Showcase Thursday 26th March 2015

This was the first showcase to be performed at the Halliwell UCAN Centre, just down the road from ACIS, a nice venue and a perfect size for the seventy-one people present. There were three main age groups: Keystone 1 and 2, Keystage 3 and 4 and Adults.

The readings covered seventeen languages and a very wide range of topics and English levels ranged from absolute beginners through to competent. Photos and videos can be seen elsewhere on this website. Art Officers from Bolton at Home attended.

Besides hearing the readings and translations, the audience was treated to two specially written songs by guest singer Ruby-Ann Patterson and to a demonstration of modern Indian dancing by the Bollywood Divas who got everyone to join in.

Feedback was excellent and centrer staff comments included ‘a massive confidence boost for everyoner’; ‘a unique experience - a celebration of diversity’ and ‘wonderful performance showcasing diversity and promoting confidence-building, the value of communication and a celebration of languages.

Mar 24

Report on the first UCAN Workshop Tuesday 24th March 2015

The workshop was held at ACIS International Family Centre

The first workshop of 2015 was a great success. Teachers at ACIS had been working with their families to prepare for the day so that when our team of seven volunteers arrived, much of the groundwork had been done. We worked with four groups: two groups of young children in Keystone 1 and 2, one group of teenagers from Keystone 3 and 4 and a group of parents. The range of language skills was very wide from complete beginners to those who were competent in four or five languages.

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Mar 22

2015 Project Launch 17th March 2015

A total of thirty-three people with eleven different languages attended the launch of the project, aimed at getting volunteers and partner agencies to meet and get to know each other. Lecture Theatre 2 was just the right size for the number of attendees, so it’s just as well we had thirteen apologies. A wide variety of refreshments was served on the arrival of our guests and a special cake baked by Jivy Patel was served later.

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