Report on the first UCAN Workshop Tuesday 24th March 2015

The workshop was held at ACIS International Family Centre

The first workshop of 2015 was a great success. Teachers at ACIS had been working with their families to prepare for the day so that when our team of seven volunteers arrived, much of the groundwork had been done. We worked with four groups: two groups of young children in Keystone 1 and 2, one group of teenagers from Keystone 3 and 4 and a group of parents. The range of language skills was very wide from complete beginners to those who were competent in four or five languages.

These families were very new to the U.K. so the theme of identity was explored, with the smaller children illustrating their writing with drawings of themselves and then going on to say who they were, their age, where they were from, what they liked and so on. The teenagers were able to say quite a bit more about themselves and in some cases produced work in more than one language besides English. One poem in particular in Spanish and English was very moving. The parents in some cases found it more daunting than the children but all of them were keen to write about their families and differences between here and their home country.

With six ACIS staff and seven BIWP coordinators, we managed to get through every piece of writing and practised reading these in preparation for the show on the Thursday. Our special thanks go to Caroline Lynch who had gone to a lot of trouble to get everything organised at ACIS. Photos of the workshop can be seen elsewhere on this site in the Gallery section.

Me siento solo. No tengo ha nadie. Solo
a un amigo muy diferente a todos los compañeros.
Siempre esta a mi lado; me protege de todos.
A veces siente solo y me siento su color:
es diferente pero sus pensamientos.
Solo pensa en mi y en su familia.
Su color es negro y de sus compañero blanco
pero siempre somos amigos de alma.
Lucharemos hasta final. Ganare.
I feel alone. I don’t have anybody.
Only one friend very different to all the others.
He is always at my side;
He defends me from all.
Sometimes he feels alone and I feel his colour
but it’s different from his thoughts.
He only thinks about me and his family.
His colour is black and his classmates are white
but we will always be soulmates.
We will fight until the end. I will win.