Report on Body Language Workshop at Chatsworth High School, Eccles, Tuesday 17th May 2016

James worked with a group of twenty students and six staff on the subject of recognising feelings and emotions and on body language. We started with looking at how hands had been used to support communication in the ice-breaker activities.

We then worked in groups with the staff as scribes to match up facial expressions and feelings. After that we looked at a couple of Italian body language signs before moving on to learn and practise fourteen different French ones.

This was followed by a song which dealt with parts of the body in French and saw students attempting to plant cabbages with various parts of the body.

The session ended with the application of French body language and phrases to a tasting session where students tasted and commented on three different French soft drinks: diabolo cassis, orgeat and framboise.

The students were very engaged and concentrated well throughout the session which they seemed to enjoy a lot. Sadie Smith, the lead teacher, took some photos of the workshop which I hope will be on display at the school and perhaps we can use them as well.