2015 Project Launch 17th March 2015

A total of thirty-three people with eleven different languages attended the launch of the project, aimed at getting volunteers and partner agencies to meet and get to know each other. Lecture Theatre 2 was just the right size for the number of attendees, so it’s just as well we had thirteen apologies. A wide variety of refreshments was served on the arrival of our guests and a special cake baked by Jivy Patel was served later.


   Speeches were given by James Hartnell who thanked the large number of people involved in setting up the project, by Heather Potter who outlined the work of Bolton Community Volunteer Service and how she had been working with the project, and by Caroline Lynch who explained the work of the Achievement, Cohesion and Integration Service. Raffle prizes were won by Ranjan Rajani, Heather Potter and Lesley Taylor.

   The second half of the event was devoted to ‘speed networking’ which worked a bit like speed dating, with three minutes to talk to a stranger before moving on. Those present commented on how enjoyable this was but of course they wanted more time. . The event was recorded on video and in photos by Paul Blackburn.


   After the event there was a brief volunteers’ meeting to organise next week’s workshop and showcase.

   Thank you to everyone who turned up including representatives of Bolton CVS, BRASS, Bolton Art Circle, ACIS, and the Bhai Centre. 

All the photographs of the event can be found in Galleries.